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Tonight’s „Fellow of Neringa” – Jin Yerei

Jin Yerei is one of the many aliases of Federico Sánchez, born and raised at Munro, Buenos Aires. In 2009, Federico started to put organic sounds and rhythms under the Jin Yerei moniker, without taking his eyes off the dance floor. In that time he released his first LP called Bootycumbiatraxx, based on DJ Funk’s ghetto tech and the real suburban sounds from Argentina’s deepest underground. By the end of 2011 he moves to Neuquén (Patagonia, South Argentina) where he continues to explore Latin American rhythms, releasing his second independent album, called Bootycumbiatraxx vol.2: The Lost Tapes.

Nowadays, he plays solo DJ sets and live performances, where he mixes south-african kwaito, tropical bass, acitón, electrocumbia and 90’s house.

Introduction to tonight’s mixtape:

„Time goes by. We go down on decibels, tempo, musical scales moves from major to minor (sometimes). We slowly start to get more interested in introspection, to self-listening our body and soul, to look more to our surroundings, to try to understand the world we live in. And every day my amazement and admiration to our ancestors increases.
So I made this mixtape, celebrating Latin American musicians who are pushing a mixture of ancient ethnofolkloric sounds and electronic compositions. Some people call it „new latin american sound„, others call it „electronic world music”. You can call it whatever you like.
I’ve also included some tracks of my recent album called „Foráneo, Cálido, Pasmoso” which was released on February at Fértil Discos”

„Fellow of Neringa” – Jin Yerei went ON AIR 2016.03.09, 21:00 GMT+2 at our radio. Here is a mixtape, enjoy!