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Friday night special mix from Rafael Aragon

Tonight we want to introduce you to Rafael Aragón aka Rafiralfiro, who is a latin/arabic rooted french musician / dj / composer / producer. Born & raised in Paris, between downtown and suburbs, he grew up surrounded by different cultures that really built him, first as a human being and later as an artist.

He started composing beats at the age of 20 under the name of Rafiralfiro, after spending a childhood possessed with music, from afro-latin, jazz & classical to modern rock and hip-hop. He soon became obsessed with the idea of mixing traditional, folkloric music with modern electronic patterns, looking for the perfect balance between organic and synthetic, old and new, art music and popular music, the holy and the profane, the darkness and the light, the brain and the feet. His musical technic also became part of his identity, dealing with the smallest musical slices to create unique and original patterns from existing music, extracting a texture, a color, a short piece of melody or rythm. Assembling several musical layers to create new soundscapes, ambients & grooves, he works with passion to transform his computer in a dream machine, not just another beatbox.

Rafael Aragon’s music is mainly club oriented, heavy bass material, yet delicate, maximalist and highly psychedelic. Sweaty dancefloor killers and soulful, enlightened anthems to cheer up and enjoy the beauty of life. With a very special, magic touch inspired by the ancient traditions of shamanism from all around the world. Mystic chimes, ritual drums and witchcraft incantations meet club kicks, filthy basslines and electronic batucada to provide a rich, dancy and psychedelic music for hips and ears !

With the monthly residency he has in Paris since 2011, or with the numerous gigs all around Europe and in South America, Rafael has made a name for himself as a talented producer, remixer and live act. With many collaborations and EP projects coming in 2014, as well as European and south American tours, the french global-bass pistolero is ready to delight the world with his sweet tropical masala !

Here his very special Afro tech mix for our radio tonight at 23:00 GMT+3

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