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Physical Law

Premiere: Nularse – Physical Law

Physical Law is the first EP of a young musician who is known as Nularse by the audience, but his name is Alessandro Donin. The EP expresses many intense and strong emotions through electronic sounds, voice, and arpeggios. These combinations of tools create a dynamic and fluid balance that goes beyond imagination. Jonathan Calugi who was raised in Pistoia (IT), is the artist behind the EP’s visual graphic and is also father of the Fresh Yo! concept. For Physical Law, the rising artist, Calugi, has developed different pieces of art for each song. The EP is composed in casual way, as memories are in the brain, and it would be a sort of trip inside a mind through images and remote memories.
“Nularse”, in Claudine dialect, means “cloud”, describes the moment in which the sky becomes gray and starts raining. It creates an atmosphere similar to a storm when the air becomes thick and smells water. It is the moment which the Nularse path starts. Nularse’s emotions and thoughts are combined as a unique strong water front that is going to unload the accumulated water during the storm, which represents the new beginning. This creative Big Bag that combines life shapes and physical laws is anticipated by a primordial spark of incalculable power, which gives rise to everything. It starts with a separation between two persons that is generated by a centrifugal force of their orbit, one linked to another (Say Hello). After this, there are a sweet and mystery emotion attractions of bodies and ideas with each other (Honey), in an interior space where time (Physical Law) represents either the beginning or the end of a new world (I Slowly Go).
In this artistic deflagration in which the musician concentrates his intellectual energies and physics, he transforms himself into a creator (Oh Song) through a trip in which he remains alone to deal with himself. Therefore, at the mercy of memories, which are colored and pushed by the wind, he relives the past with joy and has discovered the elements power and has learned to play with.

Here you can watch Nularse’s video clip for their first album song „Say hello”.

All scenes are taken from a short movie called “SPINNING TOP”, that is designed, written and directed by Francesco Camuffo. The main character is Beatrice Lanza and the soundtrack is by Nularse.

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