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GUTS releases EP „Peacefull life”


Long recognized as a solo artist who only rarely asks for a helping hand from other musicians, Guts has opted to work with a band on his latest album, something he last did during his time with Alliance Ethnik.

We owe this newfound enthusiasm for teamwork to his “Hip Hop After All” tour. Guts decided to continue to feed the competitive spirit and collective energy of playing with his tour band rather than let his mates all go their own ways. So Florian Pellisier, Greg F., Leron Thomas, Kenny Ruby, Von Pea and Lorine Chia became willing participants in a musical gang-bang organised with the aim of conceiving a new album together in a team project whose only rule was that there were no rules.

Rather than a single, Guts offers us a three-track EP as a taster—three new tracks showcasing the many facets of this new joint achievement.

Lorine Chia is in charge of creating the fun yet profound atmosphere of Peaceful Life on top of a fat bass line and perky keyboards. Rest of My Life is a middle ground where Lorine jousts with rapper Von Pea against a backdrop of Japanese-sounding strings. Then she passes the baton, and Von Pea is able to pair up with Donwil on All or Nothing for a slick hip-hop track.

Peaceful Life EP

obviously gives only a tiny glimpse of a diverse, dense and eclectic album. Less programming and beatmaking, more live sessions and resonant instruments; less pure hip-hop, more funk, afro, jazz and electronica—the outline of ETERNAL is gradually becoming clear.

The album is primed for release by Heavenly Sweetness, but if you listen to our radio, you will hear new tracks from Guts for sure.