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In a podcast series „Fellow of Neringa” tonight we proudly present you electronic trio from Finland –  Kitkaliitto! Kitkaliitto is a collaborative band of 3 friends to flesh out their ideas in music and visual arts.

Kitkaliitto is a really loose band in terms of membership – there can be one to five people in the studio and what they usually generate is a music-driven stream of consciousness. Led by Tommi Toivonen, the electro collective Kitkaliitto write their songs during jam sessions, layering vocal samples, flutes, guitars, and all manner of kitchen-sink synth. They dip in and out of the worlds of funk, jazz, noise, ambient, and rock. It was an exercise that started not as a way to explore music, but to discover new uses for technology.

Kitkaliitto has been creating music ever since it was formed in 2005. Their cross-genre music has been featured in various theatre performances, Madventures travel show and Themepark 1984 documentary movie. The music has spanned two official releases from German labels Kann Records and Homemade Records.

Kitkaliitto creates music with a multitude of gear and software. Biggest innovators in their studio are at the moment Ableton Live 8 with APC-40, NI Komplete 7, Roland Juno 6, Korg Kaosspad and crispy field recordings. Final touches in mixing process are done with good old Genelec active monitors..

We already introduced our listeners to their track Snowman in Spetember, as it was a newcomer to our playlist and tonight we will listen to their special mixtape for our radio.

Fellow of Neringa will ON AIR tonight at 21:00! LISTEN and have fun!


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