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6 Neringa FM eterio naujienos #36

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#1. Kitkaliitto come from Finland and are a really loose band in terms of membership – there can be one to five people in the studio and what they usually generate is a music-driven stream of consciousness. Led by Tommi Toivonen, the electro collective Kitkaliitto write their songs during jam sessions, layering vocal samples, flutes, guitars, and all manner of kitchen-sink synth. They dip in and out of the worlds of funk, jazz, noise, ambient, and rock. It was an exercise that started not as a way to explore music, but to discover new uses for technology.

#2. Juaneco y su Combo – La Cumbia Del Pacurro (1979)

Paco Zambrano is a percussionist who has recorded with some of the Peruvian greats including Lucha Reyes, Bartola and Ivan Cruz. In 1965 he began working with orchestras and groups as the new wave of psychedlic music began to sprout in Peru. ‘Meshkalina’was originally written by progressive psych rock group Traffic Sound, a group inspired by the sound of Led Zep, Pink Floyd and The Beatles, against an ideological backdrop and national cultural line drawn by the newly installed miltary government. The English lyrics refer to the Inca civilisations of Peru and a potent brew found in Peruvian torch cactus.

La Cumbia Del Pacurro features on the debut album PERU MARAVILLOSO

#3. „Home” is electronic music producer from Punta Gorda, FL, USA. Young producer Randy Goffe is hidden under the project „Home”. We added more of his tracks to our playlist, but today we want to introduce you to a track, called Resonance.

#4. Echoes of the past meet visions of the future on Work Songs, the follow up to Jaimeo Brown Transcendence’s arresting 2013 self-titled debut. From recordings of prisoners in Mississippi to stonemasons in Japan, the album brings renewed life to historical work songs through a mixture of powerfully evocative samples and new recordings. Comprised of drummer/producer Jaimeo Brown and guitarist/producer Chris Sholar, Jaimeo Brown Transcendence deftly weaves together the acoustic and the digital, compellingly connecting jazz and blues with contemporary rock, hip-hop and electronic music.

Jaimeo Brown is an educator, activist and artist whose work is a call to transcend: transcend traditional limits of creativity;  transcend oppression; transcend from one to all –  via artistic, technological and historical exploration, and the essential humanity that unites us.

#5. Piry Reis is a brazilian singer and songwriter. Based on „Vocês Querem Mate?” (Quartin LP RSQ 3) 1970 he sings and plays violin, with a music that mixes songs, bossa and samba with a vaguely psychedelic touch. We have found a wonderful track „Ceu Da Managua” in the mixtape Paz E Futebol 2 – Compiled by Jazzanova. Genre: Jazz, Latin

#6. A synth pop band called Tongues from Glasgow attracted our attention with their hymn Escape. Tongues crystaline electronics and modulated vocals will nestle itself neatly at the front of your brain. Their music is influenced by the legends, such as Hot Chip, Alt J, Radiohead, The Knife, James Blake, Daft Punk and sounds very good. Tongues aim to combine raw energy and emotion through the medium of synth, subs and vocoders. Think catchy and dark electro pop, meets synth rock anthem. Check them out!