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6 New tracks to Neringa FM playlist

What happens when you bring together a space hop juggernaut with a spacey electro-soul outfit? The Hue collective, hailing from Space City, is the aftermath of combining the critically acclaimed groups H.I.S.D. (Hueston Independent Spit District) with their cosmic kinsmen and rising sensation Radio Galaxy. Their mission is to explore the creation of music with no boundaries. We share the track called Tron with you, that is a pure and breathtaking newcomer of last week.

Thirsts marks a new chapter for Bristol based producer Affelaye. After the colour and vibrancy of debut EP Maybe There, he’s honed in on a full-bodied dreamscape that’s intricate and expansive. Thirsts embodies this fresh direction and remains as melodic and memorable as previous material. In Affelayes own words: „The conception of Thirsts was almost accidental; it’s an accumulation of loose, unstructured ideas which happened to fall somewhat into place over the course of the last year.”

GLOBAL minute takes us on a trip to 6 cities & includes collaborations in music, video & art. Started by music producer Nickodemus & visual artist Justin Carty in 2010, the project has editions in New York, Beirut, Tokyo, Dubai, San Juan & Saigon with 24 MC’s so far. Be sure to check out the videos with animated paintings of the MC’s involved in NYC, Beirut & Tokyo. Although you will hear all minutes, that are in the album, we pay your attention to Beirut minute, featuring MC’s Edd Fareeq, L’Atrash, Yaseen, Malikah & Ram6 L’Hamorabi.

To celebrate the year that was 2014 El Buho is giving away a special remix. Pachakuti was his first ever exposure to Andean music – when he was about 8 years old the group came to do a workshop in his primary school. As it was a bit of something special in his little town in the north of England, he bought the CD. This week El Buho found it just this same gem gathering dust at his parents house and decided to give it a 21st century edit.