Neringa FM

6 New tracks to Neringa FM playlist: Week #9

  • Calango Fumando Palha

  • Vos Lejos, Ellos Ni Enterados

    • Den Minsta Av Segrar

    • Ederlezi

      • Electronic Sound Pictures (Exhibitor rmx)

      • Kala


        Last week was very interested to our playlist, as we filled it with a lot of world music. Here are some highlights of our playlist newcomers, for your attention.

        Firsty we would like to pay your attention to Sao Paolo’s Voodoohop resident Tomash. Interestingly, Thomash has a degree in artificial intelligence, so while it might just be oneself imagination, it does seem that the rhythms, full of oddly tuned percussion and colorful synth stabs seem imbued with a distinct internal logic, playful forms that bounce off each other in their own reality, according to their own laws. This narrative of the ethnoid, German-Brazilian AI ties in nicely with his debut EP title: Candomble –  is the name of an Afro-Brazilian religion, meaning literally ‘dance in honour of the gods. We selected a track called Calango Fumando Palha for our radio and bring it to your attention.

        Then we would like to mention our playlist newcomer Jin Yerei from Buenos Aires, who is going to be properly introduced to you tomorrow night, on the show „Fellow of Neringa”. We give you a sneak peak to his sound, with the help of the track „Vos Lejos, Ellos Ni Enterados”. Beautiful, melodic, deep, trippy latin sounds! Perfect for our radio!

        Fans of Swedish indie rock will surely recognize the name Christian Gabel. Drummer in the band -Bob Hund, owner of a record label and solo artist. Our third newcomer of last week was Christian’s first solo project 1900  could best be described as low-key melan-cholic and nostalgic tape-experiments. We offer you the possibility to listen to a beautiful jazzy track called „Den Minsta Av Segrar” from the old album, but Christian Gabel will release a new album called “Tekno” in March 30th! The recordings on the album were made over several years and at many different locations, using almost exclusively acoustic instruments. The album is going to be released by record label ST4T. Worth listening!

        „Ederlezi” is a popular traditional folk song of the Romani minority in the Balkans. The song got its name from Ederlezi which is a Spring festival, celebrating the return of springtime, celebrated especially by Romani people in the Balkans, Turkey and elsewhere around the world. This is why you will hear the interesting version of this epic melody in our radio from Dikanda.

        As we are really proud and like new Lithuanian touch to a well known tracks, we have to share the remix of Exhibitor to Jon Kennedy track „Electronic Sound Pictures”. Very good for your dreamy spring evenings!

        At least we leak a bomb from our new weekender from Mbongwana Star hail from Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s heaving capital, and the pulsating energy of “Kala” channels the nation’s rhapsodic heritage as the birthplace of kwasa kwasa rhythms and soukous dance music. The mercurial group’s origins can be traced back to world music stars Staff Benda Bilili, a 10-piece band of local street musicians who saw a stratospheric rise from early hardships with homelessness and polio to headlining London’s Royal Albert Hall in 2012. Listen to the their track ‘Kala’, that entered our playlist last week please.