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Chunks of funk

[:en]Tonight – Chunks of Funk vol.42[:]


Tonight Mr. Leenknecht presents the 42nd radioshow „Chunks of Funk”.

Eclectic, Hip-hop, Funk-Soul-Jazz, House, Soulful

No slipmats and a heavy Portuguese dinner isn’t the best formula to make a tight radio show. Mr. Leenknecht took some kitchen roll and turned them into quite decent slip-mats but his MacGyver-ish skills couldn’t get rid of the full stomach. Although the show might have been a bit sloppy, according to Mr. Leenknecht, he and Pascoe had a heaps of fun in the studio.

Mr. Leenknecht is a DJ from Ghent, Belgium who plays a wide range of soulful music from across the decades and time zones – from the electric to the organic and all in-between. From beats to bossa, hip-hop to house, it’s a mixed bag that’s always diverse, and never mainstream.

Enjoy the show tonight at 20:00 GMT+3!


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