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Neringa FM Beachball FEST’16

Neringa FM Beachball FEST'16

BEACH STAGE with 20 DJ PERFORMANCES, 5 LIVE CONCERTS, BEACH VOLLEYBALL Tournament, BREAK DANCE contest, St. Johns BONFIRE, camping & so much more..


“Neringa FM Beachball FEST’16” – will take place during the long weekend of St. John’s Day at the central Nida beach. The festival, that has no analogues in Europe, is going to unite high-quality music lovers, sports dancers, volleyball fans and good time hunters from Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Macedonia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria.

Just as in previous years, this year the aim of the organizers will be to encourage people to be more physically active by including as many participants as possible in their activities. So, the weekend-long festival will focus on dance-oriented music, sports dancing and, of course, a volleyball tournament that will be held under the amateur rules set by Neringa FM members: the team consists of 4 players and each team has to include at least one female player.

The tournament will take place on six volleyball courts at once. The best volleyball players will be awarded with valuable prizes and unique Neringa FM Cups, and the champions will be awarded with a breathtaking prize – the winners’ team will receive a trip to the 2017 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival which will be held in Turkey in February.

Next to the volleyball courts, festival participants will find various holiday entertainers, summer handicraft makers, sport dances competition, interesting music selector corners, and a kindergarten for the most little festival participants’. The beach sand around the music scene will be dedicated for dancing until dawn. Throughout the whole festival, the beach scene will host DJs and performers from all over Europe playing hip hop, funk, reggae, dub, tropical beats. Wild rhythms will make everyone dance and inflame broad smiles on all the faces.

Bearing in mind that Neringa has a limited supply of accommodation for all the holidaymakers during one of the most popular summer weekends, the festival organizers are planning to install a tent town so that the festival participants could stay together and enjoy the miraculous nature of Neriga.

We can all mark in our calendars: the festival “Neringa FM Beachball FEST’16” taking place at St. John’s Day weekend on 24-26th June, and also two other volleyball, sun and music fiestas „Neringa FM Beachball CUP’16” organized by Neringa FM that will happen in July16-17 and August 13-14!

Active leisure, volleyball, sea, laughter, thunderous beach parties, new acquaintances, pockets full of sand and an amazing groovy music with the best Lithuanian and European DJs and performers at the hottest summer spot – Nida!

The organizers promise that this unique event will bring together thousands of happy people from all over Europe who love good music and sports.

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