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Beachball FEST’16 Promo mix #6: AUDRIUS KAŠTONAS

Audrius Kaštonas

Kaštonas or Chestnut is the best bar in Nida (and has a best brother in Klaipėda) – it’s so inseparable from Neringa FM that we in fact do not remember how we lived before it was established at the pier downtown. Yes, the bar is a bit younger than the radio station.  His musical boss Audrius has a vast collection of 12” and 7”s in his music library and is known for his gourmet yet broad taste for all kinds of funk, soul, hiphop, reggae, downtempo and sometimes uptempo material. He will most definitely play at our Beachball fest and he even made it all the way to Nida to play his promo mix LIVE at Neringa FM. What a lad! Read more about him below.

How familiar are you with the concept of a DJ set on the beach? Do your remember your first one?

I love the challenges of nature, and the challenge of decks on the beach is the one I particularly enjoy and always accept. I like the feeling of freedom and if the weather happens to be good the challenge becomes pure pleasure. There haven’t been any serious accidents or disasters, but of course one is always worried when his record collection is exposed to the summer sun.

What’s the best track to wave goodbye to the sun – and then to meet it in the morning?

This one would be great to wave the sun off and to start the party:

And this one’s for dawn, and most probably for the start of tonight’s set in the radio:

Does the music sound and make you feel differently in fresh air, compared to a club?

It’s always dark inside the club, it’s sometimes also too loud or not enough space. Nothing like that in the nature. Everyone can find a perfect spot to listen and to dance, and you can wear shorts!

Do you remember your first contact with Neringa FM? How close are you to the radio station?

My brother and me delivered some groceries around Nida and Neringa FM was playing in the car. Linas and Justė talked about cultural events and „Billy Jean“ played afterwards. I liked the spirit of freedom on air, so I dropped them an email and soon moved to Nida. I spent more than 5 years there. I have actually participated in many of the beachball tournaments and Neringa FM has a special place in my heart.

Sports! Do you do any? Will you play volleyball during the festival?

I used to do more but I don’t find the time these days. As a true Lithuanian I used to play basketball, I also danced. Still not sure whether I’ll be able to play volleyball this year but I’d love to. I think I played in the first night tournament. I can surely recommend that!

Listen to Neringa FM Beachball FEST’16 Promo MIX by Audrius played LIVE at our studio tonight 22:00 GMT+3 and prepare for some groovy hip shaking during his performance at our Fest in June!

EUPromo mixes, are the part of Neringa FM Beachball FEST’16 promo campaign co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.