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Beachball FEST’16 Promo mix #5: KALA SOUND SYSTEM

kala soundsystem

“We are constructors as we construct our soundsystem and carry it around”, – this sentence can be found below in our interview with the guys from Vilnius-based Kala Sound System and they present the idea very well! The sound system builders celebrated the 6th birthday of their Jamaica-echoing movement last Christmas. They are definitely closest to music and sound from all of the DJ’s in our Beachball fest – well, because they build the sound system! Listen to their sea breezing promo mix and read the interview below.

How familiar are you with the concept of a DJ set on the beach? Do your remember your first one?

The best relationship with crowd happens when you’re a headliner, and if we could be headlining a beach party on sand, it would be completely amazing.

We selected for about 4 hours in a shed on the beach during Satta Outside. It was pretty cold…

What’s the best track to wave goodbye to the sun – and then to meet it in the morning?

Let’s say this one: Schlachthofbronx – More feat. Candelilla

Does the music sound and make you feel differently in fresh air, compared to a club?

We have played both outside and inside with a big soundsystem. Music sounds right and has a reason first and foremost when it is reflected by the audience.

Do you remember your first contact with Neringa FM? How close are you to the radio station?

It’s close to us because it’s at the seaside. Pijus first heard Snow – Informer in a Lego shop in Nida that is now a grocery store. Still relevant!

Sea and waves.

Sports! Do you do any? Will you play volleyball during the festival?

We run. We play football. We play frisbee. We are constructors as we construct our sound system and carry it around. Yes, we’ll play volleyball.

Listen to Neringa FM Beachball FEST’16 Promo MIX by KALA SOUND SYSTEM and prepare for a crazy Jamaican beach party during their performance at Nida beach during our fest in June! PEACE!

EUPromo mixes, are the part of Neringa FM Beachball FEST’16 promo campaign co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.