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Chunks of funk

Tonight – Chunks of Funk vol.42

Tonight Mr. Leenknecht presents the 42nd radioshow “Chunks of Funk”. Eclectic, Hip-hop, Funk-Soul-Jazz, House, Soulful No slipmats and a heavy Portuguese dinner isn’t the best formula to make a tight radio show. Mr. Leenknecht took some kitchen roll and turned them into quite decent slip-mats but his MacGyver-ish skills couldn’t[…]

Mystical plants

Fellows of Neringa: Mystical plants

Today, in our podcast series “Fellow of Neringa” we are happy to introduce you to a very interesting electro-funk band from Hungary – Mystical Plants! Their smooth funk sound combined together with neo-soul and electric jazz vibes gives a familiar but recognizable sound which one can identify with. They were[…]


“Boom dub” by Ancient Astronauts

Since they started making music in the late 90´s Dogu and Kabanjak of Ancient Astronauts shared a deep love for original Rockers Reggae, Dub, conscious Dancehall Reggae and fat Boom Bap Hip Hop. This love always came to light through their productions, be it their original compositions, remixes or mashups.[…]