Neringa FM



The soundtrack of endless holidays

From 2017 Neringa FM can be accessed only over the internet or mobile apps.

All started in 2007. Small groups of young activists established a radio studio, in Nida . And started  broadcasting music 24/7. They also began organizing  annual sport events: amateur beach volleyball fiestas “Neringa FM Beachball CUP”, sailboat regattas “Neringa FM CUP” and  annual festivals “Neringa FM Beachball FEST”.

Since then we  offer a huge playlist of hand picked trippy lounge grooves from different spots of the world, spread the creations of dedicated music lovers, noteworthy musical podcasts, mixtapes and inform the listeners about some of the interesting events going on in Lithuania.

Neringa FM thinks more widely so FM waves and Neringa region is not enough. Going together with today‘s society and fulfilling the needs of a modern man, Neringa FM is streaming a careless leisure soundtrack to the world using the internet 24/7 and mobile apps. This way more people can reach us and enjoy our music, not only in Lithuania, but all over the word. Also we add new shows, live video broadcasts and radio hosts. We are always open for new ideas and collaborations.

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