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short-wave-traveler by Adomas Pekis

Fellow of Neringa – Short wave traveler by Adomas Pėkis

We present you a podcast, created by our passionate radio music editor Adomas Pėkis, exclusively dedicated to travel. The podcast was created in a plane, a week ago, during his trip to South America.
“I travel. I love it. I live from one voyage to another, and no matter if its a short journey from one village to another, or a long trip from one continent to another – I find it outstanding & interesting. New places, acquaintances, adventures, passion, discovery, curiosity, fascination – that’s only few words, that characterize fantastic feelings while traveling. Each trip gives you lessons, widen your world outlook and approach to life, as well as respect for our planet Earth. As there is plenty of time, trips are always a good time to listen and enjoy to my favorite music and a perfect possibility making new discoveries.
The music sounds best when I have a window seat, that I always try to get, while traveling by plane. It is such a romantic place to sit, watch, listen & chill.”
Sit back, turn up the volume and listen to a soundtrack of voyage through these beautiful puffy clouds, the infinite oceans & exceptionally blue skies.
Fellow of Neringa podcast by Adomas, named “Short wave traveler” went on air 2016.11.02 at 21:00 on our radio.

Here it is now: