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Fellow of Neringa: Yerba Mate Guarani

Here is a Fellow of Neringa podcast “Yerba mate Guarani” made by Adomas, that went live yesterday.

It’s full of music that gives special sensations, allowing the listener to dream.. With eyes wide shut it lets you explore the outstanding sub-tropical forests of Brazil, where the most beautiful palm trees, orchids & bamboo  grows, magnificent waterfalls bustles , countless colored parrots and toucans sings, fluffy tarantulas are dancing on the ground, pumas hunt and monkeys jump. Music that promotes the interest and lets you explore the different customs, traditions and the people, that do live there.”

A mix, with a special thanks to SidiRum & Carla Sanguineti from Buenos Aires. Please, take a look at the pictures from Adomas journey, so you can imagine the magnificent nature of South America even more.

Listen to our radio and be happy!

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The fellow of Neringa went live on 20:00 GMT+2.

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