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Fellow of Neringa: JOVEM PALEROSI

Jovem Palerosi is a musician, a DJ and a musical producer and a member of the instrumental bands Meneio, Craca Dani Nega e o Dispositivo Tralha from Sao Paulo. He is also collaborating frequently with several artists of the instrumental and electronic scene from Brazil.

His songs transpose between ethereal climates, synaesthetic melodies and experimental grooves, merging diverse electronic genres with organic elements and customized timbres. In this podcast to Neringa FM he transpose space and time, mixing futuristic and retro futuristic global songs, traveling around the world from his memories and influences.

Listen to a wonderful Fellow of Neringa: Jovem Palerosi on our radio tonight, at:

20:00 (GMT+3) Lithuanian time

14:00 (GMT-3) Sao Paulo time