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Fellow of Neringa Ionrec

Fellow of Neringa – Ionrec

This week in our podcast series “Fellow of Neringa” we introduce you to a music producer from Klaipėda, Lithuania – Andrius aka Ionrec.

“Music that drives your soul and not just that!” – that’s a way that Andrius greets his fans. He got our radio attention 4 years ago, when he published a good mood track ‘Happy trib’.


From that on we fill our radio playlist with his work every year and now we already have 6 of them, including the newest drum & bass track, created 2 months ago named “Degtukų nesinešioju”, what means “I don’t carry matches”.


“I produce music from year 2000. I have no musical education, I do everything from what I hear. I love Neringa, the sea, sand dunes, Smiltynė. I used to ride bicycles to hang out with my friends there. Now I miss these places, while I am away from Lithuania. Neringa inspired me on some of my tracks and my first love was from Nida. Best regards to her and all my friends as well as radio listeners.”

For those, who missed the show ON AIR, here is a recorded mix:



  1. Visą valandą klausiausi tos nuostabios “IONREC” muzikos… širdį užplūdo nepaprastas jausmas… o juk aš tą vaikiną pažįstu nuo pat pat…pat jo gyvenimo pradžios… SĖKMĖS Tau, Andriau!