Neringa FM

6 new tracks to Neringa FM playlist Week #49

1.Vruno is a scene name of Orlando Meyer  who is an experimental musician from Chile, constantly looking for inspiration.  He is always open to explore, listen and enjoy all the different sounds of the world. We picked you a track called Inti Kundor. Check him out!

2. Dandara & Arutani have created an edit of the cover “Adio Querido” by Contrapunkt Chor. Adio Querido can tell quite a micro-tale which explores a fleeting love, overflowing enormous vitality and an almost hypnotic power!. Give a listen to their track, and we suspect you’ll feel the same way. As a free download, we are happily following the project by these newcomer producers.

3. Over the last two decades, 20syl has crafted a unique, hip­hop infused, electro musical universe. He has inherited a rich musical knowledge and a genuine understanding of analog and vintage sounds from years of classic beat making. He first got his start with Hocus Pocus, a band he founded in 1995. As the mastermind behind the band’s five LPs, including their Gold Record Place 54, 20syl has proved himself to be a visionary artist. Check our jis track, that we just added to our playlist Kodama.

4. Although ‘Lacuna’, (out Dec 9 via Plexus), is Scarpers first official releases for over two years, London based producer & label co-owner has certainly not been idle. A string of remixes including one for bass heavyweight Reso, plus a contribution to the much lauded ‘Touched Bass’ compilation alongside the likes of John Tejada & The Hacker, have kept him busy. Now working on his debut album due for release early next year, ‘Lacuna’ is the first track to be taken from it and features remixes from fellow Plexus artists Pause & Jani R.
‘Lacuna’ is a nostalgic slice of electronica, with shades of early 90’s ‘electronic listening music’ and a touch of wobbly ambience, all peppered with the kind of emotive melodies we’ve come to expect from Scarper’s music. On the remixes – Jani R delivers an intricate ambient soundscape whilst Pause, in wide contrast, provides a low tempo bass-driven stomper.

5. Cialyn makes perfect ambient music, to dream and take yourselves into another reality, another dimensions, another world without worries. We added a lot of their music to our playlist recently, most of which you can hear at night. Here we present you a track, called “Secret garden”.

6. New music from Simon Green aka Bonobo is always an event, but when it heralds the arrival of a whole new album, it’s really something to get excited about. The masterful, magisterial “Migration” is Green’s sixth album and it’s a record which cements his place in the very highest echelons of electronic music and beyond. By turns lush, manic, beautiful, melancholy, joyful, packed with both emotion and technical skill, this is perhaps his most ambitious attempt yet to capture the very textures of human existence in his work, as Green says of the broad dynamics on the album, “Life has highs, lows, loud and quiet moments, beautiful ones and ugly ones. Music is a reflection of life.”

‘Kerala’ itself was the very first track Green recorded for the new record, putting together a rough version of it on the tour bus while DJing across the States in 2014. It’s both a classic piece of Bonobo music and a development, all arpeggiated, twisted, layered strings and shuffling dancefloor rhythm. The music gradually builds until his introduction of a sample from RnB singer Brandy, itself cut up and dealt with as a further texture, with the whole sitting in a sweetspot of uplifting euphoria that he’s so adept at finding.