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Fellow of Neringa – Carla Sanguineti

Ladies & gentlemen, with a smile on our faces we kindly introduce you to a very charming lady from Argentina, that our music editor had a pleasure to meet couple of weeks ago, while traveling in Latin America – Carla Sanguineti.

Carla is a producer and a selector of live music events from Buenos Aires. She runs a festival in Patagonia called Mucho Gustok that selects the most interesting projects from the region mixing electronic and organic sounds & the new digital folklore. She is also involved in ZiZeK Club/ ZZK Records and Club de Baile Villa Diamante music life.

Our acquaintance with her started from her fellow SidiRum – a DJ from Argentina, who was sharing his love for tropical music with us in a beach party at fabulous Nida beach, during Neringa FM Beachball CUP’16.  

Couple of sentences from her for our listeners/ readers:

“This is my first mixtape ever. I try to put there everything I’m listening this week. It includes many tracks produced by my friends from Argentina, also many tracks I previously found on internet and I don’t know exactly from which country they came from.
I hope music would bring down any frontiers, I hope that dancing will gather us all soon!”

Please, listen carefully to her very special first mixtape ever and hopefully you will have a chance to talk and dance with her some time this summer in Lithuania.