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Beachball FEST

Neringa FM summer together with sun, volleyball and music! 2017 is the 10-th year in a row as we organize beach volleyball fiestas – Neringa FM Beachball FEST. Amateur volleyball fests used to be organized 3 times each summer season on the Baltic seashore, exceptionally in Nida beach. Each year this great initiative gets bigger attention from Lithuanian and foreign volleyballholics and it is what keeps our fests alive. This season Neringa FM expands its operational area and organize 3 fiestas in 3 main resorts of Lithuania.

Unique events in the most beautiful places of Lithuania invite loads of happy people from everywhere, that love music and volleyball.

All weekend long fiestas are oriented to stalwarts of meaningful leisure, groovy music and of course beach volleyball tournaments, that will be held under amateur rules (4×4) and following the regulations of beach volleyball (2×2). This is the season novelty!

Fiestas start Saturday morning and finish Sunday afternoon. All weekend long, together with volleyball, wide smiles, fantastic music and happy fellows in the best places of Lithuania. Daytime volleyball tournaments, DJ performances, night volleyball and crazy Beach parties with live concerts. Sunday starts with some easy music during playoffs, the final games and award ceremony.

Neringa FM Beachball FEST – beach volleyball & music fiesta, that encourages people to be physically active and spend their leisure time purposefully . Physical activity, health & the quality of life comes all together and are closely related subjects. Human body needs to move, that’s why regular physical activity is so important and necessary for a human being to be healthy and avoid a lot of problems :)

3 VOLLYEBALL FIESTAS in 3 main resorts of Lithuania: Druskininkai, Nida & Palanga:

May 27-28 – Beachball FEST’17: Druskininkai

June 24-25 – Beachball FEST’17: Nida

August 5-6 Beachball FEST’17: Palanga


Neringa FM BEACHBALL FEST’17 PROMO MIX every thursday at 9pm on Neringa FM