Neringa FM


From music & nature lovers to the the world with a big smile! Fellow of Neringa is a podcast series, going live @ Neringa FM radio on Wednesday evenings. We give away one hour of our radio ether to people who adore music & love nature and can not live without it.

Fellow of Neringa podcasts illustrate the magnificent nature of our home – Neringa – a unique place with beautiful sand dunes, pine forests, walking trails, in between two waters – Curonian lagoon and the Baltic sea. We give you the opportunity to spread your love for music & nature through our waves. For the love of music & nature!

If you adore music, love beautiful nature and can not live without it, we can give you the opportunity to have your podcast broadcasted at our radio. Please contact us and we will come back to you for sure to set up all necessarily things for your podcast to go ON AIR!

Host: Adomas Pėkis