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The organisation was created by 3 young people back in 2007 in order to spread good music and develop different events at the most beautiful resort of Lithuania – Neringa. With the help of FM waves and internet, radio station “Neringa FM” spreads interesting music from different places of the world, promotes different artists and events, spreads actual information from Neringa resort worldlwise. Our main activities include promoting music artists and implementation of different music events and annual sport events: amateur beach volleyball fiestas “Neringa FM Beachball CUP”, annual festivals “Neringa FM Beachball FEST” and sailboat regattas “Neringa FM CUP”. Our organisation habitation is in Nida, Lithuania, it has 3 active members, 5 volunteers and book-keeping department. We also collaborate with almost all event organizers in Neringa, as we have ultimate channels for dissemination of information in the region. NGO Neringa FM is active community member, developing different projects that help community members solve their social problems. Together with municipality and national park organization we also produce monthly publication “Neringos gidas” (Guide of Neringa) containing actual information of Curonian Spit.