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Afro Pépites Show

World radio Neringa FM and  the 7th edition of the Afro Pépites Show presents you talented artists from Africa

We are happy to be a part of this project and to be able to introduce you to african culture and sound. You will be gladly surprised .

This year, the Listeners Committee has discovered nearly 70 projects.He has extracted 8 which, according to their affinities, have distinguished themselves by their originality, their musical quality, and  their text.In a second time, Internet users voted to support their favorite project.

And the winners are :

3rd place: CASZIB. – Painter – Burkina Faso

A contemporary painter born in 1982 in Adjamé, Ivory cost.  Casimir Balibié Bationo aka CasziB  currently lives and works in Meknes, Morocco.
Discovering CasziB’s paintings, deeply particular , permit various travels, discoveries without end.
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2nd place: ELOM 20CE – Rap – Togo, Benin, France

An African of Togolese origin, he defined himself as an Arctivist (meaning the fusion of the words “artist” and “activist”), a supporter of a united Africa. Elom does not stop at oral expression, strong in his culture and opinions, he organizes documentary film screenings with comrades (notably on the Men who have marked the history of the Black people), exhibitions of Canvas and also scenes promoting and allowing other rappers and young people from different backgrounds to express their opinions. This is the concept of Arctivism!
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1st place: JACK NKANGA – Konono Soul – Angola

Jack Nkanga was born in Damba, in the former Kingdom of the Congo. He is heir to the cosmopolitan culture of the konono rhythms of the Bazombo ethnic group in northern Angola.
Jack Nkanga is an eclectic artist who offers  funk, rock, soul and konono sounds, a musical genre of the basongo peoples.
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