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Beachball FEST’16 Promo mix #3: SOULDATOV

Beachball Souldatov

Dear Beachball fans, please meet our guest DJ number three – Souldatov! In fact, we do know him quite well, as Souldatov, together with a fellow DJ Genn Bo, used to host a show called Dubartis and dedicated to all things dub on our station. This particular mix, however, is 100% sunny beach material that goes all the way up to digital cumbia, so, please, if you are at the office, take good care. Souldatov is deeply immersed into the world of music and he could answer numerous questions about sounds from different countries. He chooses to answer these questions with music, though, so whenever you see his name on a poster in the city, be sure it’ll be a great night to listen to and to dance to. Some of his most interesting projects have been Soviet Grooves and Dubartis, and now he’s focused on the Tropical Soundclash movement together with his friend Weedska. Read the intro interview and go try that bikini!

How familiar are you with the concept of a DJ set on the beach?

Beach… One of the best adventures is, of course, the wind that raises the needles from the vinyls.

What’s the best track to wave goodbye to the sun – and then to meet it in the morning?

The first and the last tracks of my mix, accordingly.

 Does the music sound and make you feel differently in fresh air, compared to a club?

It does. There’s more oxygen in your brain in the fresh air.

How close are you to Neringa FM?

I like its great playlist, fun people and perfect location.

Sports! Do you do any? Will you play volleyball during the festival?

Who will invite me to their team..?! :)

Listen to Neringa FM Beachball FEST Promo mix #3 by Souldatov and be sure to see him spinning these vinyls on the beach, during our FEST in June!