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Beachball FEST’16 Promo mix #1: Eroott

Beachball FEST promo mix: Eroott

Erik Berežok, who calls himself E-Roott, is one of the strongest reggae standard-bearers in Lithuania. He has brought the power of positive music to numerous dance floors many times by using his undoubted taste and rich vinyl collection. This artist promises to bring to the dance an unforgettable and colorful fusion of roots, reggae and all kinds of dub flavors which can also be heard in his all vinyl recorded mixes.

His crew Groove Tribe has brought a number of famous reggae artists to Lithuania beginning in 2007 and has hosted the likes of Jah Free, Trinity Soundsystem, Weeding Dub, MC Oliva, El Fata, Amaika, Hornsman Coyote and Dreadsquad.

He has also represented the Lithuanian reggae scene at Warsaw Reggae Festival in Poland, Zvera Festival in Latvia, Strictly Dub Records sessions in Estonia and at Europe’s leading soundsystem culture event – Outlook Festival in Croatia.

E-roott selects from a heart full of love for reggae music and that is exactly the reason why he will be playing at our Neringa FM Beachball Fest’16 on 25th of June! Today we will listen to Eroott mix, that he recorded especially for our new podcast series „Beachball Fest promo mix“. We also made a little interview with the selector about his experiences on the beach.

How familiar are you with the concept of a DJ set on the beach? Do your remember your first one?

It’ always a challenge to play on the seaside, my sound, however, it was actually born on the beach. I always think carefully how to start my set. As far as I remember my first beach gig was in a Neringa FM-organized event called Sunset Sessions. I had been residing in Nida for quite some time then, as I had to quit my marketing job back in Kaunas as I decided to work as a bartender in the legendary Kaštonas shack. It was a beginning of a new chapter in my life. I remember myself looking at the setting sun and feeling that absolute freedom. Playing by the sea is my personal expression of spiritual freedom through music.

What’s the best track to wave goodbye to the sun – and then to meet it in the morning?

This one’s for dusk:

And this one’s for dawn:

Does the music sound and make you feel differently in fresh air, compared to a club?

Outside, music sounds free and natural and its impact is much stronger yet still natural. We somehow think human beings are far from nature, but it’s not like that. The first sounds of music were born in the nature.

Do you remember your first contact with Neringa FM? How close are you to the radio station?

It’s an interesting story. Back in 2010 flea markets were organized in a park in Kaunas and DJ’s used to play there all the time. I was invited to play once, together, coincidentally, with the Neringa FM DJs. Linas Ramanauskas even glued a sticker promoting the station on one of my turntables and it’s still there today! We got to know each other and soon understood our musical worlds are quite similar. Linas offered me to record a mixtape for their Fellow of Neringa show, so I did – and it was my first-ever mixtape online, called Jah Messenger. Maybe that’s why the station is so close to my heart.

Sports! Do you do any? Will you play volleyball during the festival?

Oh, I have tried everything from break-dancing to martial arts, but now I am still considering to come back to the field. Maybe I will choose volleyball this time. My DJ family Groove Tribe will also perform at the festival, so I might convince them to participate :)

„Beachball Fest promo mix“ by Eroott went live 2016.03.09 22:00 GMT+2. Now you have the opportunity to listen to the recorded mix of groovy vibrations! Here it is!